Draw me a picture: Software estimation

Baka: “Draw me a picture of a person”

Kashi: “Okay, how’s this?”

Baka: “That’s just a stick figure, I wanted a person, it doesn’t even have a face”

Kashi: “I can fix that, how about now?”

Baka: “You’ve just put a smiley face on that stick figure… I want a person”

Kashi: “Well what’s the difference between my stick figure and your person. It has arms, legs, a body, a head, and now even a face”

Baka: “But it doesn’t look like you or me”

Kashi: “well, not exactly, no”

Baka: “How long would it take you to draw a picture of a person?”

Kashi: “How detailed?”

Baka: “Well, so it looked like you and me.”

Kashi: “Well...

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