Paul Volpato

Lead developer @ myadbox, Advertising agency automation. Rails, Node.js, and anything else that takes my fancy.

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Draw me a picture: Software estimation

Baka: “Draw me a picture of a person”

Kashi: “Okay, how’s this?”

Baka: “That’s just a stick figure, I wanted a person, it doesn’t even have a face”

Kashi: “I can fix that, how about now?”

Baka: “You’ve just put a smiley face on that stick figure… I want a person”

Kashi: “Well what’s the difference between my stick figure and your person. It has arms, legs, a body, a head, and now even a face”

Baka: “But it doesn’t look like you or me”

Kashi: “well, not exactly, no”

Baka: “How long would it take you to draw a picture of a person?”

Kashi: “How detailed?”

Baka: “Well, so it looked like you and me.”

Kashi: “Well should I have colour? How big should I draw it? Which angle of you and me?”

Baka: “The same colour as us, as big as us, and from the front”

Kashi: “What colour are we?”

Baka: “Get a mirror! We are this colour”

Kashi: “But our colour changes as the light changes, do

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Hi, I’m Paul Volpato

I’m the Lead software developer at myadbox, a super cool startup in the advertising space. I’m passionate about software and systems thinking.

I’m hoping to make this blog a technically interesting place. At myadbox we (my team and I) do some really novel stuff with some really cool tech, and while I don’t want to reveal our secret sauce, there have been some great technical learnings that I’d love to share.


Basically we’ve automated a huge amount of Adobe’s products (InDesign, Flash, AfterEffects, Illustrator, Photoshop), and put some really slick server API’s on top of them and then built an awesome rails app that connects everything together.


I also am really into cycling, meditation, and all things China, so I’ll probably share a couple of things around that as well.

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